What is Instagram algorithm? Truth or lie?

Instagram Algorithms are so important!

We all know how important Instagram is and why we should care about it. Many people check their Instagram account just after waking up! And this is a fact that Instagram marketing always works!

In this article we are going to talk about Instagram algorithm and its features, SMM panel and Instagram reseller panel. Let’s dive in.

What is the Instagram algorithm?

Anyone knows how amazing Instagram is and many of the great features of Instagram are related to its specified algorithms. Instagram just like the other big applications use some algorithms to suggest posts, sorting, find interests and many other wonderful features to provide the best experience for users and businesses.

Note: Instagram algorithms use AI and they are so smart in the terms of finding out the desires of users.

Why should we care about the Instagram algorithm?

Because if you are going to progress on this social media and get thousands of customers online firstly, you have to learn how Instagram algorithms works and how to impact it to suggest your posts to the others.

Some tips about Instagram algorithm

Is the Instagram algorithm bad?

Actually, Instagram algorithms will be changed regularly and many Instagram marketers will be confused and tired of new rules. In an Instagram marketing campaign, you have to be ready for Instagram algorithms changes and be compatible with these changes. For some of these reasons some digital marketers believe that Instagram algorithm are a challenge. But don’t worry and don’t care about these problems, these types of issues are normal in the tech world and always following some general rules and tips can be useful.

Note: learning Instagram algorithms and its priorities are not so difficult! Just go through and get experiences.

In the following paragraphs we will teach you some tips to know the Instagram algorithm better.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Instagram algorithm works with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This algorithm is constantly changing by receiving users’ information and analyzing their behavior. These changes will happen just for users to have the best user experience.

Tips about Instagram algorithm to know it well!

Now let’s check out some great tips about Instagram algorithm to figure out how to use these rules for your own progress in Instagram marketing.

Let’s be familiar with this amazing algorithm:

1- The difference between video and image

Many people think that if they publish more video content than just images, Instagram will show them more to the audience. But in the end Instagram showed reaction and said these all are rumors and there is no difference between Video and Image formats for the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram tries to show you the content that users have spent more time on. Video content is longer and people take more time to see and interact with it. If there is a difference between video and image, it is due to user behavior.

instagram feed ranking

Instagram tries to show you the content that users have spent more time to notice it. Video content is longer and the people take more time to see and interact with. If there is a difference between video and image, it is due to user behavior.

2- Fake interaction

Instagram’s new algorithm can detect things like using a bot to collect likes and comments. So, try to attract real followers as much as possible!

3- Comment length

It does not matter if the comments are multiple paragraphs or just one emoji. All comments, regardless of their length, have the same value for the Instagram algorithm and are considered as interactions.

4- Account type

If you are doubtful about changing your account from personal to business, put this doubt aside. Instagram has officially announced that its algorithm does not differentiate between types of accounts. In other words, the type of account you have does not affect showing your content to your potential audiences and feel free to work with personal or business accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Algorithm

5- The first 30 minutes

Rumors existed about” the first 30 minutes” for several years, until Instagram responded to this rumor. According to the rumor, the amount of interaction that a post gets in the first 30 minutes after posting is important in determining its position in the feed for the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram denies the rumor. In other words, if your post is not seen much in the first few minutes, it will not prevent Instagram from showing it to your followers.

However, you should consider the post time scheduling.

Instagram feed

What algorithm does Instagram use to display content in user feeds?

Instagram feed

  1. User interests

Instagram shows users content that they will engage with based on their behaviors and interests. For example, if a user constantly sees, comments, or likes food-related posts, Instagram is more likely to show similar content in their feed.

  1. Interact with other users

Instagram’s new algorithm detects interactions between multiple users to find out what kind of content users like more to see and interact with. If the user constantly likes or comments on the posts of a particular page, they will most likely see the content of the same page in the feed.

  1. Frequency of Instagram use

The third case is related to the frequency of the user’s use of the application. The Instagram platform organizes posts in the feed based on each user’s screen time. If you, as a user, spend little time in the app, the Instagram algorithm will show you what it thinks you would like to see after a while. If you spend a lot of time using the app, the number of posts in your feed may be more because Instagram wants to provide you with the best and newest posts and will show you the best posts from the date of your last visit. This is the miracle of Machine Learning science.

  1. How you are using Instagram!

Passionate Instagram users’ feeds are likely to be filled with more diverse content, as Instagram’s algorithm does. If you follow a large number of pages, there will probably always be new posts to display in your feed.

  1. Number of pages the user follows

The new Instagram algorithm is aware of the number of pages you have followed and based on this it prioritizes different posts in your feed. When you follow multiple pages, you are likely to see fewer posts per page, especially in your feed. However, the topic and number of posts in your feed depends on how well you interact with the pages you follow.

Tracking more accounts allows Instagram’s new algorithm to select user feed posts from multiple content. The more Instagram accounts you follow, the more posts you will lose.

  1. up to date

Instagram wants your information on trends to be up to date. For example, seeing Halloween posts in January is unlikely. Most popular posts will be displayed at the beginning of the feed. Instagram checks the timeliness of a post to determine if it is still relevant to the user’s interests. Instagram ensures that each user’s feed is filled with up-to-date content, as new posts are more relevant to people.

How does the new Instagram algorithm rank feed posts?

If you are wondering about how Instagram give feed posts a specified rank, we should say it’s all about these factors:

  • Details about the post

Such as likes, comments, saves and so on.

  • Details about post creators

Interacting with people and recent activities are important.

  • User interests

Instagram cares so much about what audiences like and what they don’t like, and always their feed will be filled with popular content.

  • History of user interaction with content creator

An example of an interaction history could be when the user and the creator commented on each other’s posts.

Here are five factors that Instagram consider while finding the best content for your feed:

  • Time spent on your posts
  • comments
  • Likes
  • Saves
  • Clicking on profile picture

Instagram Explore page algorithm

The function of the Instagram Explore page algorithm is very similar to the feed page algorithm. Both Instagram algorithms basically provide content that seems interesting and recommended for different users.

In fact, the user can search for keywords in the Explore pages of the Instagram application. Search results show posts that match keywords. It can be concluded that the Explore page considers other factors besides communication and interaction. Also, the new Instagram algorithm detects the content of the post and links it to the keywords searched.

Unlike feeds and stories, most of the posts you see on your Instagram Explore page are related to people you do not follow. To find out if your post has ever been on the Explore page, check out the post’s statistics. You will find out how the audience has access to your post.

Post statistics

The Instagram Explore page algorithm is a set of steps performed to create a unique search feed for each Instagram user. If you want to know how the Instagram algorithm works for the Explore page, here are a few factors Instagram considers when choosing content according to the user’s interests:

Post features

The number of likes, the comments, the saves, and the number of sharing of posts and the people who interacted with the post are the most important ranking signals for the Instagram Explore algorithm.

User interaction with content creator

Most of the time, you will see the posts of people on the Explore page that you don’t know at all. If you’ve ever interacted with them, the Instagram algorithm thinks you might be interested in what they share.

How the user uses Instagram

How the user uses Instagram shows the content that the user wants to see. For example, user activity shows whether the user prefers video content to photo or vice versa.

Content creator

The latest signal relates to the number of Instagram users who have interacted with the post in recent weeks and the number of times they have communicated with the post. Instagram respects the posts which attract users more.

What kind of content does the new Instagram algorithm not rank?

There is a penalty named Shadow-ban for the accounts that don’t follow Instagram rules and they do some forbidden work. This penalty causes the posts to be deleted or not be seen on Explore! No one knows what exactly are the reasons for the Instagram Shadow-ban penalty, but here are some reasons that can cause your post to meet Shadow-ban:

  • Use of forbidden hashtags
  • Use a specific set of hashtags for a long time
  • Cross the limits of daily posting on Instagram
  • Reporting by others

How to overcome the Instagram algorithm?

Using the latest Instagram features

Instagram is trying to popularize its new features among users using different algorithms. As a developer, being among the first ones to use the new features of Instagram will give you positive results.

Upload album posts

Album posts are a great way to encourage your audience to spend more time on your content and increase post interaction. Album posts have 3 times more interaction and 1.4 times more access than other types of posts.

To increase the interaction rate of your page and posts, use the ability to upload posts as an album by sending a maximum of 10 suitable images.

Interaction is the key to overcoming the Instagram algorithm

In the age of communication, nothing is more important than interaction. If you want your page to grow and get more people involved with your content, you need to pay close attention to interacting with others.

In the new Instagram algorithm, comments are much more important and valuable than likes. The more comments you receive, the more likely it is that your post will be in the user feed.

Optimize hashtag usage strategy

Using hashtags is the best way if you want to attract more followers and reach other audiences except for your current followers. When choosing a hashtag for your posts, research the target audience and the hashtags you are going to be reached by your audiences. Find the best collection of popular hashtags for great results. Make sure you do not use banned hashtags, spam, or mistakes.

Stick to the content upload Scheduling

Since the new Instagram algorithm supports recent posts, posting on a regular basis is always recommended. Daily posting is not required, but regular posting is required. While posting daily will provide a significant level of engagement, you can still plan to upload your posts every other day, three times a week, or every weekend.

To set content upload times, write down the intervals when your audience is most active for posting.

Use all content formats

Do not just upload amazing photos as the posts on Instagram. Instagram users want infographics, video, animation, music, reels and so on. You should also know that Instagram likes the accounts that use more Instagram features.

The new Instagram algorithm pays more attention to the accounts of users who use the following:

  • Camera and filters inside Instagram apps
  • Instagram messaging tool
  • Geographic location stickers
  • Story tags and stickers

Instagram reseller panel

Now that you have figured out many things about the Instagram algorithm, let’s review Instagram reseller panel services to find out how to make an impression in Instagram and get more audiences.

With the help of Instagram reseller panel and its services such as Instagram real followers, Instagram target followers, Instagram auto likes, Instagram auto views and Instagram views and reach you can see increasing interaction with your Instagram page and becoming a trustworthy page on Instagram.

But you have to note that the Instagram algorithm is not penalty.


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